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Welcome to the Language Portal! Here you will find an overview of all the key information and Language Portal offers in your language. On this page you will find a brief description and a direct link regarding all the offers available. The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) will help you to learn German on the platform The Language Portal provides materials and online offers for adults and children. This is also where you will find information about the test and can prepare yourself with exercises and model tests. No matter where you are, the Language Portal will help you to learn German and quickly acquire initial orientation in Austria.

ÖIF Live Onlinekurs

Live online courses

The ÖIF offers daily online courses free of charge for language levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 as well as information about everyday life in Austria. Learn the language live with experienced and certified instructors.

Course room A1

You will qualify for this online course if you have already had a little contact with the German language and would like to improve your knowledge of German for everyday life in Austria. Instructors practise with you grammar, vocabulary and idioms for everyday use. In the course room you will find a direct link to the live course.


Course room A2

You will qualify for this online course if you have already attended an A1 course, are able to handle the most important situations in German and would like to improve your knowledge of German for everyday life and an occupation in Austria. Instructors practise with you grammar, vocabulary and idioms for everyday use. In the course room you will find a direct link to the live course.


Course room for additional courses A2/B1

Here you will find additional courses on topics such as: catering and the hotel business, Austrian art and culture as well as various occupations and industries.


Course room B1

You will qualify for this online course if you have already attended an A2 course, have a good basic knowledge of German and would like to improve your German further. Instructors practise with you grammar, (specialised) vocabulary and idioms for more advanced use, e.g. for an occupation or discussions of other familiar topics.


Course room B2

You will qualify for this online course if you have already attended a B1 course or are currently attending a B2 course, have a good basic knowledge of German and would like to improve your German further. Instructors practise with you grammar, (specialised) vocabulary and idioms for more advanced use, e.g. for an occupation or (specialised) discussions.


Additional course for Ukrainians: Learning German - getting started in Austria

You will qualify for this online course if you are learning German and, at the same time, are looking for information about life in Austria: How do I ask the way? Where do I buy a ticket for public transport? You will become acquainted with the first important terms and idioms for life in Austria. In the course room you will find a direct link to the live course.


Lernende mit Laptop

Free online exercises

Would you also like to learn German on your own, in addition to your German course? If so, we can recommend the following online exercise options:

Online vocabulary trainer (A1)

With the online vocabulary trainer you can practise your vocabulary with short animated learning videos and online exercises for the ÖIF picture dictionary. Topics include, for example, "Eating and drinking", "Transport", "Health" and "Weather".


Panoramic picture exercises (A1-B1)

Come with us on a virtual 360° tour and experience everyday life in Austria. In the panoramic picture series you can, for example, experience a visit to a family doctor, become immersed in the atmosphere of a Viennese coffee house or watch a rescue operation on the Vienna Danube Island. Using short listening dialogues, reading texts with background information and exercises you expand your knowledge of German with ease and also practise questions involving knowledge of values and orientation.


Doodle clips learning stories (A1-B1)

Doodle clips are cartoon-style learning videos. They show learning stories at levels A1 to B1. Become acquainted with everyday situations such as "Eating and drinking", "Mobility" or a "Visit to the doctor" and handle short tasks for various exercises.


Learning podcasts (A1-B2)

The learning podcasts "German in their luggage" contain interviews at levels A1 to B2. Immigrants tell of their experiences and lives in Austria. They talk about topics such as migration, multilingualism, dialect, working and living. For all the podcasts there are matching online exercises.


Videos: Everyday life and values in Austria (A1-A2)

The videos provide short dialogues in German, Arabic and Farsi concerning everyday life in Austria. In addition, there is important information on topics such as health, work, education and living together, in Arabic and Farsi.


Interactive learning videos with exercises (A1 - B2)

In the free learning videos you will see conversations from everyday life. You will do the exercises for the scenes before seeing them, while seeing them and after seeing them. You practise listening, but also reading, new words and important structures.


Materials you can download free of charge

Learn German on your own using materials you can download free of charge.

Coverbild der Ausgabe 24 des Unterrichtsmagazins Deutsch lernen mit dem Titel „Willkommen in Österreich“.

Learn German magazine (A1/A2)

The “Deutsch lernen” magazine is a free teaching magazine for integration and living together. You can also use it for learning at home on your own. Each issue addresses a different topic concerning everyday life in Austria, for example, democracy, equal rights, customs, living or shopping. The magazine comes out four times a year and can be subscribed to or downloaded free of charge.


Cover Materialien mit Schwerpunkt Österreich B2

Materials focusing on Austria (A1-C1)

Free worksheets and complete teaching units for levels A1-C1 provide you with support in learning German. Key topics are Austrian everyday life and Austrian culture. Attached to all units you will find answers, follow-up links and background information on the respective topic.


C1 listening

The teaching and learning units are built around C1 listening texts and four C1-relevant topic areas. In addition, dialect and colloquial versions of individual listening texts are also available with appropriate exercises on listening comprehension and becoming acquainted with these linguistic variants.


Cover Österreich Spiegel Ausgabe 99

Free additional materials to supplement the Österreich Spiegel (A2-C1)

The Österreich Spiegel, the newspaper for learning German, offers free additional materials: Download the listening and reading exercises and the vocabulary exercises here. The exercises are available from A2 to C1.


Cover Alpha START quer


Alpha START helps you to make initial contact with the German language. It provides 35 lessons in which the most frequent sounds of the German language are introduced regarding topics relevant to everyday life. Furthermore, for each lesson there are numerous other additional materials available for download, e.g. picture cards, listening transcript, answers sheet and exercise sheets for writing on.


German for children: promoting language on a value-oriented basis

Logo Sprache Wertvoll fördern


With the series "Promoting language on a value-oriented basis" the ÖIF provides children with support in learning German. Children's books, hidden object folders, vocabulary calendars and learning clips provide lots of encouragement to promote language. Children expand their vocabulary with ease. The materials are aimed at educators, language support staff and any interested parents who would like to support their children's language acquisition.

Coverbild des Kinderbuchs Hallo altes Haus mit Bildkarten.

Children's books and accompanying materials

The children's books of the ÖIF are suitable for children from the age of 3 and they combine language promotion in a playful and child-oriented manner with interesting topics: consequently, the children's book "Schau, ein Kakadu!" [Look, a cockatoo!] enables initial contact with the world of art, whilst the children's book "Draußen - eine Entdeckungsreise" [Outdoors - an expedition of discovery], on the other hand, invites the reader to explore nature. No matter what topic you choose: all ÖIF children's books are accompanied by educational practice materials in order to promote the children's language in a playful and holistic manner.


Cover Deutsch lernen mit Katze Mitzi

Hidden object folder

The extensive materials package "Deutsch lernen mit Katze Mitzi" [Learning German with Mitzi, the Cat] consists of four large-format posters that encourage children to search, speak and narrate. An instruction booklet and a materials booklet provide educators with numerous incentives to promote language learning at an early stage. To supplement the materials package ÖIF provides an online offering with comical and highly varied learning videos free of charge. They provide, inter alia, songs, raps, rhymes, stories and instructions for handicrafts.


Cover zum Wortschatzkalender

Vocabulary calendar

A new word every day: the ÖIF vocabulary calendar provides, for every day of the year, comical speaking situations and ideas for playful vocabulary expansion, for children from the age of 3. Clear, simple instructions on the exercises, including worksheets and vocabulary stickers, can be found in the accompanying educational booklet.


Cover der Praxisanregung Lernen mit Rhythmik 2

Activity sheets

The practice material "Activity sheets" supports educators in language promotion at elementary education institutions in the form of prepared and easy-to-use activities. For the purpose of holistic learning, all the offerings are supported in a playful manner with music, rhythms, experience with all senses and plenty of movement. All the activity sheets for the kindergarten are available for download free of charge.


Cover zu Impulsblätter

Incentive sheets

Incentive sheets provide 25 practical ideas for early language promotion in children without any, or only little, knowledge of German. They were specially developed for language promotion in an everyday setting at elementary education institutions and they connect directly to the life world of children. Incentive sheets can be downloaded free of charge or ordered in the form of a bound booklet free of charge.


Deutsch für die Pflege 2

German for nursing care

The online course "German for nursing care" is aimed at all those who would like to improve their language skills for starting a career in nursing care or personal support. No matter whether you would like to start basic training or have already completed it: you can begin the free online course at any time. This offering is not suitable for German beginners: 


Courses, tests and FAQ

ÖIF Kursangebote: Ein Lehrer unterrichtet eine Klasse.


Here you will find advisory offerings on the topic of German courses, information about course institutions and the ÖIF-promoted German courses within the scope of the project "Starter package on German and integration":



ÖIF Prüfungen


Here you will find information about the German / integration tests offered by the ÖIF. Would you like to take a test soon? This is where you will find all the test dates in Austria. For information about registration and fees please contact the test institute directly.


Sample tests and materials for test preparation

To prepare for the German / integration tests offered by the ÖIF there are model tests and sample tests at levels A1 to C1 available for free download. As a result, you can practise the test formats and the procedures of the tests. The materials to prepare for tests also contain questionnaires listing all the questions about knowledge of values and orientation, including answers and a free app for practising test questions.


ÖIF tests

Integration Agreement (IA/D)

Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)